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Seeing a Difference from the Cornfields of Iowa

While walking fields of Iowa corn in July, I was proud to see the difference between our Intent to Pivot trials and adjacent rows that grew without having the benefit of Pivot Bio’s nitrogen-producing microbes. The visual difference was startling.

Pivot Bio sustainability efforts recognized by the Business Intelligence Group

From Forbes AgTech Salinas: Getting Down to Earth with Sustainable Soil Solutions

It’s incredibly exciting for a scientist to see his or her  innovation make it out of the lab and into the world where it can have a direct impact. At Forbes AgTech Salinas Summit I saw that quite literally, from field tours of the farm economy to...

Paving the way to Sustainable Crop Nutrition at the Bay Area BioTech Forum


Achieving Better Crop Nutrition & Cleaner Waterways from CRISPR &NBT AgBio Congress