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Karsten Temme

The N-OVATOR Impact

Everything we do at Pivot Bio is in service to growers and finding new ways to make their...

History in the making: A reflection of innovation, growth and endless opportunities

Eleven years ago, Alvin and I made a commitment to provide sustainable solutions to farmers and...

A decade of Pivot Bio

With a little bit of grant funding and a big dream to tackle one of agriculture's greatest...

2019: Endless possibilities

By Karsten Temme, Ph.D.

Betting on our future, part 1

This is a two-part post. I’ll be sharing the second half in early January 2019.

An agricultural trifecta: healthy planet, healthy people, healthy profits

In later years, Norman Borlaug would be known as the man who saved a billion lives, but in 1944, he...