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A Better Sustainability Program For A Better Nitrogen

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Pivot Bio was founded on a vision that there is a better solution for synthetic nitrogen fertilizers that is more sustainable, safe, and productive for farmers. Today, that vision is a reality with 3 million acres of US farmland reducing synthetic nitrogen with Pivot Bio products, but the impact doesn’t stop there. Pivot Bio’s N-OVATORTM program further multiplies the benefits of our nitrogen-fixing microbes by helping farmers realize financial value, in addition to productivity and environmental value. 

The Pivot Bio N-OVATORTM program provides a financial incentive for farmers that adopt the sustainable practice of reducing synthetic fertilizers. Pivot Bio offers a $2 per acre incentive for customers who commit to replacing at least 25 pounds of synthetic fertilizer per acre with PROVEN 40® and documenting the practice change. In 2022, farmers in the pilot program accounted for over 80,000 MT of greenhouse gas emissions avoided across almost 775,000 acres. 

The Pivot Bio N-OVATORTM program couples a better nitrogen with a better sustainability program:

  • Streamlined: the N-OVATORTM program measures results on an annual basis, instead of requiring multi-year data collection and measurement used in carbon sequestration programs
  • Rewarding: get paid $2/acre for using a better nitrogen without affecting yield
  • Repeatable: permanent value is generated each season with a nitrogen that is safer, efficient, and reliable
  • Flexible: Pivot Bio products fit within your existing farming practices - no expensive equipment or behavior changes required

In the first year of the program, hundreds of growers used PROVEN 40 on their operations, and maintained crop yields while significantly reducing emissions from synthetic fertilizers. James Backman is a farmer who participated in the 2022 N-OVATORTM program, looking for a way to increase sustainability on his acres. “PROVEN 40 is the best form of nitrogen on the market right now,” says Backman, who is participating again in 2023. “It’s more reliable and generates higher profits for my operations. Through the N-OVATORTM program, Pivot Bio has substantially strengthened the value it offers to me and my operation.”

For the first time, Pivot Bio’s N-OVATORTM program is available to all customers. If all Pivot Bio customers participated in 2023, we would collectively avoid 400,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide over the course of a year - that’s the emissions equivalent of a 25-mile long train full of coal! It’s a win-win-win for farmers that earn additional revenue through the program, making positive changes for their operations and the environment, and partnering with forward-facing businesses investing in a healthier future.