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Connect is a win-win-win

Pivot Bio recently launched the Connect™ snack brand to bring farmers and consumers together as a way to improve food and our planet’s health. Through the Connect brand, consumers and farmers are accelerating progress towards cleaner air and water with a better nitrogen. That’s a win for farmers, a win for the planet and a win for all of us. 

Pivot Bio is on a mission to replace synthetic nitrogen fertilizer with a more sustainable and safer tool for farmers. While nitrogen is essential for growing strong, healthy crops that we all depend on, synthetic nitrogen has major side effects. Nitrogen fertilizer accounts for 5% of global GHG, it causes dead zones in lakes and oceans throughout the world, and because as much as 50% of it is lost to the environment after being applied, it’s an inefficient tool for farmers.  

By simply switching to a better nitrogen, farmers have a unique opportunity to make a big impact on the environment that benefits all of us. Unfortunately, these benefits are almost entirely external of the ag economy — cleaner air and water for us, but no financial benefit for farmers. We want to create a win-win-win situation that rewards farmers for making a difference for all of us and the planet. 

Ultimately, farming is about food. The launch of Connect — a new line of snack food grown by farmers who are replacing synthetic nitrogen with Pivot Bio microbes — is designed to bridge that divide. We pay farmers a 100% premium for the crops they produce, enabling them to benefit most for the work they are doing. We then market these foods to consumers by celebrating the sustainability contributions our farmers are making.  

Connect PopcornGourmet yellow butterfly popcorn is the first product from Connect. This 100% whole grain, non-GMO, unpopped popcorn is grown on a family farm in Nebraska with zero synthetic fertilizer, using 30% post-consumer recycled packaging.  

Farmers are our heroes. With them front and center, we highlight the contributions they are making in the fight against climate change. It’s right there in the name — Connect brings farmers and consumers together to improve food and the health of our planet. 

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