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Earth Day 2022: A Time to Celebrate and Prepare

Earth Day is a time for us to celebrate our planet today and prepare it for tomorrow. Will it be able to produce the food future generations need to thrive? Will it have enough clean air and water for everyone? Will future generations get to experience the same abundant earth we have?  

Those outcome depend on our choices now.  At Pivot Bio, our vision for an abundant, productive future comes from helping growers across the world become more environmentally and economically sustainableOur nitrogen comes from naturally-occurring soil microbes, and gives farmers a better option for fertilizing their crops. 

Synthetic fertilizers were essential for centuries, to grow agricultural productivity to support the global population. Today, the processes required to create, transport and use synthetic nitrogen fertilizers are one of the largest sources of CO2 emissions worldwide and use massive quantities of fossil fuels. Even more frustrating, only about half of the nutrients in synthetic nitrogen fertilizer actually makes it to the plant.  The rest is lost to the environment, harming air and water quality. Synthetic nitrogen fertilizer was the right technology for its time, but today we know we can do better.  

Our technologies and understanding of the planet have evolved. Today we're able to choose better nitrogen for our crops, our farm, and our communities.  Farmers are stewards of the land, and Pivot Bio is proud to support them in that critically important work with products like Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 and Pivot Bio RETURN®.  

When we find a better way to do things, we can move forward boldly, knowing that we are building a brighter future.  Earth Day is a wonderful reminder to celebrate the progress we’ve made and the bright future we’ll create together. 


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