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Honored to be honored

Without sounding too cliché, it’s safe to say 2020 was quite a rollercoaster, and it is hard to believe that we are already in the second month of this new year. While I am looking forward to all 2021 has in store for us at Pivot Bio, I want to pause and soak up the resiliency of our team as well as the amazing successes we achieved.  

One measure of our success is the external accolades we’ve received. This recognition is not by chance. Our team has worked hard to deliver a breakthrough microbial nitrogen product to U.S. growers, drive product demand, ensure customer success, and develop more and even better technology. This inspiring dedication and drive kept things turning, even when it felt like life and work were at a standstill. Because of our team’s efforts, recognition for the work we do and the products we provide to growers were as steady as ever.

I am so proud to be part of a pretty special Pivot Bio team that is focused on agriculture and discovering new tools for growers. From the long list of awards we received, it looks like others believe the Pivot Bio team is pretty special too.

2020 Awards:

We were also recently honored to receive five First Place and three Merit Awards at the 2020 Region III Best of NAMA Awards (National Agri-Marketing Association). We are grateful to have AKC Marketing and REL Productions as our marketing partner. Thank you NAMA for recognizing our work.  

  • Merit Award | Unique Print Advertising | Pivot Bio PROVEN® - Weatherproof Nitrogen
  • First Place | Advertorials | A Daily Dose Of Nitrogen - Pivot Bio PROVEN®
  • First Place | Billboards or Other Outdoor Ads | Nitrogen's Turning Point
  • Merit Award | Customer Brochures, Catalogs-Farmer Directed-1 or More Elements | Pivot Bio PROVEN® Promotional Booklet
  • Merit Award | Brochures, Catalogs, etc., Directed to Dealers, Distributors, Sales Reps or Others Serving Agribusiness -1 or More Elements | Breaking New Ground
  • First Place | Events - Virtual | 2021 Pivot Bio Proven Sales Blast-Off
  • First Place | Video Feature or Testimonial | Pivot Bio Grower Story
  • First Place | Social Tactic - a Specific Activity | Pivot Bio And FFA Video Challenge

While these awards certainly help amplify and share our mission with others, what’s most important is the opportunity to showcase our team’s impactful work. I am humbled by all of the ways in which we were honored last year, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the entire team at Pivot Bio who made it all possible.

I’m looking forward to another year of reaching new levels with this amazing team. Here’s to a successful and healthy 2021.