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Nitrogen On-Seed: An agricultural turning point

The products introduced by Pivot Bio since 2019 have upended the fertilizer status quo, and with the recent launch of our biological nitrogen fertilizer in an on-seed application, we’re leading one of the most significant turning points in the history of agriculture. 

These latest innovations from Pivot Bio, PROVEN 40 On-Seed (OS) and RETURN On-Seed, are the first-ever product to deliver nitrogen-fixing microbes on seed for crops like corn, sorghum, and spring wheat. PROVEN 40 OS and RETURN OS are the easiest, fastest, and most effective way to replace synthetic nitrogen fertilizers with no loss to leaching, denitrification or volatilization. A one-gallon box of PROVEN 40 OS or RETURN OS can replace the equivalent of a train car full of anhydrous ammonia fertilizer.

This summer, our Agronomy team conducted the largest in-plant nitrogen study ever done in a single season. The results confirmed that across variable growing conditions, the use of Pivot Bio products results in an average increase of 14% more in-plant nitrogen over traditional synthetic fertilizers. Farmers see the value of Pivot Bio and are returning year-over-year. With the introduction of our on-seed application, our microbes are now available to every corn farmer in the U.S., accounting for 90 million acres of crops.  

Pivot Bio’s American-made microbial nitrogen can replace synthetic nitrogen, which left many farmers vulnerable to supply chain challenges and market volatility this past year. In a nation that is leading agricultural innovation, we are proud to be at the forefront of transforming how we grow the crops that feed and fuel our communities. Pivot Bio’s nitrogen innovations give farmers options that reduce reliance on foreign synthetic fertilizer imports, improve efficiency, and create a more resilient agricultural system.