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Nlighten: A new tool for growers

Pivot Images 15The Nlighten system is custom designed to make application of Pivot Bio PROVEN™  a snap for farmers across all 90 million acres of U.S. corn growing country.

How do you apply the volume of liquid in a can of soda across a whole acre of corn? That’s the challenge facing Pivot Bio as farmers across the country join our network and apply Pivot Bio PROVEN™ in 2020. Less than a liter of the nitrogen-producing microbes applied per acre can supply reliable nitrogen to corn every day of the growing season.  As always, Pivot Bio puts farmers first, focusing on giving growers the right tool for the job. Enter the NLighten system.

The NLighten system is a special-purpose tank that can be mounted on the existing equipment a grower uses in their operation. Rugged construction and precision monitoring allows a grower to easily join the precision ag movement, decreasing their impact and use. How precise? It can apply our microbes and other supplements at a half gallon per acre, making sure each of the 30,000 plus corn plants growing get their fair share of Pivot Bio PROVEN™.  

Our goal is to give farmers the access they need to the best nitrogen around. But each grower has a unique practice to cultivate their portion of the 90 million acres corn producing acres in the U.S. That means that application of Pivot Bio PROVEN ™ has to integrate seamlessly with on-farm practices no matter where or how you’re farming. This is where the Nlighten system shines - it can make every grower a Pivot Bio PROVEN™ grower.

For our nationwide network of sales representatives, the Nlighten system is a way to connect with growers that lack access to or do not need in-furrow equipment for their farming operation.  Rather than purchase pricey new equipment to become part of the Pivot Bio network, these growers can reap the benefits of working with Pivot Bio PROVEN™ without altering their tried and true growing practices. 

The benefits are compelling. If a farmer can apply Pivot Bio PROVEN™ at planting, the nitrogen producing microbes are right there ready to start providing nitrogen the day the plant roots emerge. Smaller volumes mean less liquid and less weight, which translates to less compaction on the soil, making it easier for roots to go deep and anchor corn throughout the season. Applying nitrogen-producing microbes to the roots of corn ensures that the crop has access to reliable nutrition regardless of whether extreme weather events cooperate with the planting calendar.  With those innovations, growers can make the most of their nitrogen input, knowing that Pivot Bio PROVEN ™ microbes won’t leach into waterways or volatilize into the air.  This precision nutrient application that can’t be beat, and it shows in the great results farmers are seeing when they use Pivot Bio PROVEN™

Production agriculture takes its inputs seriously. A grower has to juggle how much nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium each of their acres needs, and how to apply those inputs so that they maximize efficiency. For that, they need the right tools, tools that put nutrients right at the crop root, exactly where they’re needed. Pivot Bio started the crop nutrition revolution with Pivot Bio PROVEN™. The NLighten system ensures that every farmer has access to this game-changing tool, building a network of productive growers that improve land, water, and air, at every planting.