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Pivot Bio 2022 interns: Comparisons from the field

Students from across the U.S. join Pivot Bio each summer to get hands-on experiences in a high-growth ag startup. As interns, they are valuable members of the Pivot Bio team and make lasting contributions on the company during their time here.  

My name is Shelby Richard, and I am a rising senior at Kansas State University, studying Agronomy with a focus on Soil and Environmental Science, and a secondary degree in Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences.

I grew up a military "brat" and have gotten used to constantly moving around. That trend has continued this summer at Pivot Bio, working with Pivot Bio Field Agronomist John West’s team as an intern throughout parts of Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. 

Blog Image-1At Pivot Bio, I work with the Field Agronomy team collecting, measuring, and analyzing data to identify physiological differences in plants grown with Pivot Bio products and the non-treated controls. These measurements are taken in the field, and include soil, leaf, and plant samples. I have also been able to practice drone piloting as a method for collecting field data.  

I wanted to find an internship that would allow me to combine my interests in agronomy and natural resources because I believe that sustainable and efficient management practices are essential to our planet. I am proud to contribute to the work Pivot Bio is doing to improve outcomes for both farmers and the environment.  

Throughout my internship, I have been able to learn new skills and make connections that I would not have been able to do in a lab setting. I'm looking forward to the rest of the summer to see the results of my measurements and how they are used to inform new product development at Pivot Bio. 

This is the first in a series of stories and experiences from the 2022 class of Pivot Bio interns. Learn more about internship opportunities at Pivot Bio.