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Debuting Pivot Bio PROVEN™ at Commodity Classic




Year after year, the country’s most progressive growers attend Commodity Classic to learn about what’s new in the industry and connect with friends. I’ve been to Commodity Classic many times over my career, and it never gets old. It makes me proud to be in agriculture and offers an exceptional opportunity to talk with growers and old friends

Yet, this year was different for me. I wore a new logo on my shirt - Pivot Bio PROVEN™. Pivot Bio exhibited and presented for the first time at Classic. I couldn’t be more pleased with our team’s interactions and experiences in Orlando. I talked to dozens of farmers who continue to be concerned about the economy, their livelihoods, this year’s crop, and the next generation of farmers. I believe that Pivot Bio PROVEN™ offers these growers something new - a product that will help them achieve better outcomes & increased profitability while improving the sustainability of their land.

Agriculture is a microcosm of the economy, with a financial sector tailored to the needs of the industry, a manufacturing sector that builds tractors and tires and the specialized precision equipment that makes U.S. farmers the most productive on earth. Last year U.S. corn growers produced 14.6 billion bushels of corn, a crop worth 47.5 billion dollars! In large part, this focus on productivity and efficiency is driving the twin trends of sustainability and precision management of the land.

So in addition to kicking tractor tires and learning more about pest management, this year’s Commodity Classic attendees tested out drones that could survey crops from the air, ran software through its paces, and looked for new equipment that could help deliver the right products in the right dose. And when they stopped by Pivot Bio’s booth to learn about the microbes that we’re putting to work for the farmer, they all had one question: How does it work?

Blog Photo - Whats New Session Graphic

We let them hear about the product straight from the horse’s mouth on Friday afternoon. In Pivot Bio’s “What’s New” session, our growers Kevin Poppel from southern Minnesota and Kyle Morrow from northwest Indiana shared their experiences working with Pivot Bio PROVEN™. As you would expect, the two farmers had very different weather and growing conditions during the 2018 crop season: Kevin Poppel’s land had so much rain it was impossible to harvest certain acres, while Kyle Morrow had nearly ideal conditions for corn growing. In both cases, Pivot Bio PROVEN™ enabled the farmers to make the most of their year, keeping nitrogen right where it was needed to maximizing their growing season.

This ‘right time, right place’ style of nitrogen is better for the plant, and therefore for this year’s harvest. It is better for the environment too, and this means that it’s better for farmers in the long run. Kyle Morrow, a 5th generation farmer, shared that he considers himself an environmentalist, as are all farmers. “The farming community has always had to think beyond this year’s harvest to the generations to come,” he said. Kyle’s words got the audience thinking about sustainability in a new way: A 100 yr old farm that is still productive and state of the art is the legacy of excellent management by generations of farmers caring for the land. He can farm his land today because farmers before him were good stewards, and Kyle plans on continuing that tradition.

Pivot Bio is proud to be a part of the rapidly evolving landscape of agricultural technology, providing effective nutrient solutions that allow our farmers to be productive both now and in the long term. We’re grateful for the kind reception farmers have shown for our company and our product. In fact, we’ve already sold out for 2019! But 2020 is just around the corner and we’d love to keep in touch with you. Just sign up here to stay up to date with grower stories and harvest data. We hope to see you next year in San Antonio!

For more details about the exciting results collected from our growers during their 2018 growing season trials, click to button below to view the 2018 Performance Report.