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Planting with Pivot Bio

Pivot Bio products provide farmers with a predictable, productive nitrogen source throughout the growing season. To do this, Pivot Bio identified microbes that fixed nitrogen on their own.  Once identified, the DNA responsible for nitrogen production was activated and supercharged using the microbe’s own genetics, so they never stop producing nitrogen, even if synthetic fertilizer is present in the soil. 

If it’s your first season planting with Pivot Bio (or even if it's not!) check out these helpful tips to ensure a successful growing season. 


Stewardship_Social Post_Agitate_1080x1080_Temperature (1)


Store Pivot Bio products in their original packaging and out of direct sunlight in a dry, temperature-controlled environment between 32°F and 70°F.  Wait to open the product until just before you ready to use it. 

Stewardship_Social Post_1080x1080_v2_AgitateSHAKE IT UP 

Once you are ready to plant, remove the product from the outer cardboard box. To activate, the liquid container should be agitated three to four time, so the product is evenly distributed. 


Stewardship_Social Post_2 Microbes_2 MicrobesPROPER POUR

After removing the top(s) and pull tab(s) from each spout, the contents of the container should be evenly poured from both spouts simultaneously at a total rate of 12.8 ounces per acre. With Pivot Bio PROVEN 40, two distinct microbes are contained within the box, one in each bladder. To ensure the product is able to provide a full 40 pounds of nitrogen to the crop, both bladders need to be applied in equal amounts. The Tank Mix Calculator can help you determine application rates. 

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There will be a distinct odor coming from the containers - this is a good sign!  It means the microbes are alive and ready to produce nitrogen.  We recommend that Pivot Bio products be the last thing added to the in-furrow blend when filling your tank. 

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Pivot Bio products must be used within 24 hours of opening, so mix product in small batches that can be completed within that time frame. 



Detailed instructions are printed on the product packaging, and our Product Stewardship page has helpful videos and resources. If you have additional questions, call 1-877-451-1977 to talk to our Midwest-based Customer Success team.