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Pivot Bio PROVEN™ creates sustainably self-fertilizing corn

Pivot Bio Releases 2019 University and On-Farm Trial Data Demonstrating Product Efficacy and Yield Benefits to Reduce Synthetic Nitrogen Use

AMES, Iowa – Feb. 28, 2020 – Pivot Bio announced today its 2019 performance data for the company’s nitrogen product for corn, Pivot Bio PROVEN™. The data demonstrate Pivot Bio PROVEN™ consistently outperforms synthetic nitrogen fertilizer year-over-year, providing corn growers improved yields and a more dependable nitrogen supply that isn’t lost to the environment like traditional fertilizers.

“Pivot Bio PROVEN™ performed despite all that Mother Nature threw at it,” said Mark Reisinger, VP Commercial Operations. “Our studies confirmed Pivot Bio PROVEN™ performs across different geographies, soils and weather conditions. Corn growers finally have a source of nitrogen that is 100% available to the corn plant as compared to losing about half of their nitrogen when using synthetic fertilizers.”

Pivot Bio’s 2019 performance report includes more than five million data points collected across thousands of acres, hundreds of soil types, nearly 100 commercial farms, and six Midwest land grant universities. The company’s Intent to Pivot large-scale, on-farm program reported a 5.8 bushel per acre (bu/ac) advantage on fields using Pivot Bio PROVEN™ compared to those with only synthetic nitrogen. University studies using Pivot Bio PROVEN™ demonstrated similar yield results and produced 6.0 bu/ac benefits.

“Our large on-farm trial of Pivot Bio PROVEN™ performed well in 2019. As a result, we ordered significantly more for 2020,” said Scott Henry, 4th generation farmer with LongView Farms. “As I look toward the future of our farm and the industry, I am excited about the potential to reduce synthetic nitrogen and the new tools that Pivot Bio provides.”

Six land grant universities conducted trials using Pivot Bio PROVEN™ and compared yield between plots using the nitrogen-producing microbes to those only using synthetic nitrogen fertilizer (control). Plots with Pivot Bio PROVEN™ used in conjunction with typical nitrogen rates produced a 6.0 bu/ac advantage compared to the control which used synthetic nitrogen only. The Pivot Bio PROVEN™ plots had an advantage over the synthetic nitrogen plots 89% of the time. These studies were conducted with the agriculture departments at Iowa State University; University of Arkansas; University of Nebraska, (Lincoln); University of Illinois, (Urbana-Champaign); Kansas State University; and University of Minnesota.

“Having worked with nitrogen fertilizers my entire career, I can honestly say that Pivot Bio PROVEN™ is something that I get excited about,” said Trent Roberts, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Soil Fertility/Soil Testing at the University of Arkansas. “New technology in an age where increased efficiency is the name of the game. I don’t think we are to the point where it can entirely replace nitrogen fertilizer additions, but anything helps, especially in our low organic matter and low fertility soils.”

As part of its 2019 studies, a plant survey was conducted that measured in-plant nitrogen near physiological maturity. In this survey work, Pivot Bio PROVEN™ treated plants contained 38 pounds per acre more nitrogen than plants from non-treated areas, an amount similar to an in-season application of synthetic nitrogen.

“We have demonstrated that whole plant nitrogen can be increased with Pivot Bio PROVEN™ and increased nitrogen is usually associated with increased yield,” said Daniel Poston, Ph.D. “Using Pivot Bio’s microbes may eliminate the need for in-season synthetic nitrogen applications and reduce the amount applied in other situations. This saves the farmer time and reduces the pollution associated with additional applications.”

Additionally, Pivot Bio also analyzed the impact of Pivot Bio PROVEN™ on yield stability. Due to different soil types and uneven ground, it is typical for growers to see yield variances across their fields. Pivot Bio PROVEN™ adheres to the root of the corn plant, supplies nitrogen to the plant daily, and does not wash away or volatilize into the air. This consistent source of nitrogen helps the entire field, regardless of topographic differences, produce a more consistent yield. Yield monitor analysis revealed fewer low yielding data points and more high yielding data points where Pivot Bio PROVEN™ was used, translating to improved yield consistency across entire fields.

“Every field has spots that lose nitrogen to leaching, runoff, or denitrification. Pivot Bio PROVEN™ may be especially effective in these less productive areas of fields because it provides a constant source of nitrogen directly to the plant roots,” said Poston. “In fact, digital data suggests that Pivot Bio PROVEN™ is reducing the number of low yield points in fields while increasing the number of higher-yielding points.” 

“Helping growers get a healthier crop with greater yield consistency equals a better financial return,” said Reisinger. “Fields vary widely across farms, and Pivot Bio PROVEN™ is giving growers confidence they can raise their yield floor. Our 2019 performance report has more detail about how our product provides the timely nitrogen production and delivery needed for a healthy corn crop.”

Pivot Bio has grown its network of independent sales representatives to nearly 200 and added new sales and agronomy employees to its team to serve customers and ensure their success. The company recently announced a multi-year, preferred partner agreement with IN10T, the St. Louis-based digital ag company. The business agreement leverages IN10T’s FarmerTrial Network of more than 1,500 tech-savvy and influential growers and enables IN10T to support Pivot Bio’s commercialization, customer experience and digital platform. 

“We have strong demand from last year’s customers as well as interest from new customers who want to use a dependable nitrogen product on their farm,” said Reisinger. “We welcome back our 2019 customers and will be working alongside them plus the hundreds of new customers.”

Pivot Bio PROVEN™ is available now for 2020 planting and limited quantities can be purchased through independent sales representatives or directly from Pivot Bio. Growers interested in purchasing Pivot Bio PROVEN™ can find a sales representative at pivotbio.com.

About Pivot Bio:
At Pivot Bio, we believe in meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations. Our unparalleled understanding of the crop microbiome will help create a future with cleaner water and air. We are dedicated to providing farmers with solutions so they can grow high-quality, environmentally-responsible and sustainably-focused crops that help feed families worldwide. For more information, visit www.pivotbio.com and follow @pivotbio on Twitter.

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