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Move-N-Around - The Nitrogen Cycle Game

The nitrogen cycle is arguably one of the most important biological processes on the planet, with significant impacts on agriculture and the environment.  It's also one of the most complex, leaving many people confused about how it works and its effects on the climate. 

PIVOTBIO_0004_1080_Nitrogen-Cycle-Game-01 (1)We developed Move-N-Around – The Nitrogen Cycle Game to educate people about the nitrogen cycle and its impact on the climate.  This summer, the game made its debut with educators from all over the country at the National Ag In The Classroom conference. 

The game is made up of eight stations that represent different forms of nitrogen. As players move from station to station, they collect cards that represent the different forms of nitrogen they became and whether they contributed to productive or unproductive outcomes. Sometimes, players run into a “dead end” where they are trapped as an unproductive form of nitrogen that is harmful to the environment. You'll have to play the game to see for yourself!  


By breaking down a complex topic into an easy-to-digest and interactive format, players can see how important nitrogen is as a building block of life and understand how to best optimize it as a critical component of biology. 

Move-N-Around was a big hit with teachers at the National Ag In The Classroom conference and now it is available for any educator to use free of charge. If you use it, please share your experience and photos by tagging @PivotBio on social media! 


Download Move-N-Around

Download includes lesson presentation, game instructions, printable game materials, and nitrogen cycle poster.  

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