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A decade of Pivot Bio

With a little bit of grant funding and a big dream to tackle one of agriculture's greatest challenges, Alvin Tamsir and I founded Pivot Bio 10 years ago. We knew that there was a better way to fertilize the world's cereal crops – one that is more sustainable and safer for farmers and the planet 

Our-Story-573x382The journey to today started long before 2011. Alvin and I were lab partners in the mid-2000s and developed a close friendship during the late nights and countless hours we spent in the lab running experiments. Toward the end of our post-grad careers, we began thinking about how scientific breakthroughs could be harnessed to make a better world:  

"What if corn could fertilize itself?"   

"What if soil microbes could be re-awakened to produce nitrogen?" 

"What if synthetic nitrogen fertilizer could be eliminated?" 

10 Year Anniversary Creative

What started as "what ifs?" put us on the path to where we are today. 

Looking at where Pivot Bio is today, I am proud we are providing farmers better nitrogen that is good for the economic and environmental sustainability of their businesses. Society needs an agriculture system that can help reverse climate change and bring balance back to our food systems. 

I couldn't be more grateful for the dedication of the entire Pivot Bio team and the tremendous support we have from our investors. Today, just as we did 10 years ago, we believe that farmers can be a force for environmental and societal good. Our innovative spirit and farmer-first focus will guide us through the next 10, 20, and even 100 years.