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Paving the way to sustainable crop nutrition


Last week, I was honored to take the stage at San Francisco Business Times’ BioTech Forum on Friday, June 22 to share information about Pivot Bio and how our nitrogen-producing microbes can offer a cleaner alternative to synthetic nitrogen fertilizer.  

The way fertilizer is used today is simply unsustainable for our environment. Yet fertilizer is critical — half of the population depends on it to grow our crops and produce food. Yet, there is a downside. It causes a significant number of environmental issues. Most fertilizers pollute water (nitrates) or air (N2O) and five percent of global warming is caused by N2O. The action of  replacing synthetic fertilizer with a more eco-friendly solution like Pivot Bio’s nitrogen-producing microbes has the potential to remove one (1) gigaton of CO2.. That’s equivalent to taking more than one million cars from the road. That is world-changing.

Paving The Way

We look forward to sharing more data about our  crop nutrition solution as we prepare to make our product available to farmers in select states for 2019. Continue to follow our progress on Twitter @pivotbio or sign up to receive updates at www.pivotbio.com. 

Thank you to biotech reporter Ron Leuty and the San Francisco Business Times for inviting Pivot Bio to present.

Paving The Way


Pivot Bio is a leader in the field of precision microbial adaptation. Our unique process is designed to realize the full potential of microbes at the genetic level, allowing farmers to change the way they provide nutrition to crops, reduce usage of fertilizers and provide a sustainable approach to feeding our world’s growing population. For more information, contact us at: 1-877-495-3777 or info@pivotbio.com.