Pivot Bio is a leader in the field of precision microbial adaptation. Our unique process is designed to realize the full potential of microbe, allowing farmers to reduce usage of fertilizers and provide a sustainable approach to feeding our world’s growing population.

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Pivot Bio 2021 Interns: The Proof Is In The Plot

Students from across the U.S. join Pivot Bio each summer to get hands-on experiences in a...

Seeing Fields of Dreams Along the Pro Farmer Crop Tour

Seven states, thousands of miles and countless acres. Garrett Buckley and I joined the 2021 Pro...

The Next-Generation of Nitrogen

Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 is Pivot Bio’s newest commercial product designed to replace up to 40...

The Science Behind Pivot Bio PROVEN®

Inside each teaspoon of soil are entire worlds inhabited by millions of microbes.

Betting on our future, Part 1

This is a two-part post. I’ll be sharing the second half in early January 2019.