Karsten Temme

For years, Karsten has been fascinated with the limitless potential of the unseen microbes that inhabit our world. While earning his PhD, his graduate research focused on enhancing the nitrogen-fixing potential of soil-borne microbes. Driven by the desire to create meaningful change in the world, Karsten partnered with Alvin Tamsir to create Pivot Bio.

History in the making: A reflection of innovation, growth and endless opportunities

Eleven years ago, Alvin and I made a commitment to provide sustainable solutions to farmers and...

A decade of Pivot Bio

With a little bit of grant funding and a big dream to tackle one of agriculture's greatest...

2019: Endless possibilities

By Karsten Temme, Ph.D.

Betting on our future, part 1

This is a two-part post. I’ll be sharing the second half in early January 2019.

An agricultural trifecta: healthy planet, healthy people, healthy profits

In later years, Norman Borlaug would be known as the man who saved a billion lives, but in 1944, he...

Startups bring speed and agility to agriculture

The work of startups in agriculture is rooted in profound urgency. Our food...